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We are a Canadian-based immigration company with 24+ years of experience, 3 offices across Canada and USA with a 4.8/5 rating on Google
“Newcomers to Canada are more likely to start businesses that grow more quickly and create more net jobs per firm than their Canadian-born counterparts”
- Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) report


Canadian business immigration is well-known as a trusted brand. More than twenty immigration programs are offered by the Canadian government to encourage entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers from around the world to start or expand their businesses here. Canada’s government recognizes business immigration as one of its top priorities.

Canada is committed to helping businesses succeed and become competitive and profitable. To increase the success of your Canadian business, you can seek grants, government-backed loans, funded training for yourself and your staff, and general guidance.

Do you want to know how to start your business and immigrate to Canada? We can evaluate your chances, and help you choose the right way to do it.

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Is it possible to get a visa and move to Canada with ZERO investments into your business before step foot on Canadian land.
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The idea of setting up a business in Canada without actually being there may seem a tough task. I'm sure you're wondering:

GreenLight Canada
Years of experience


We, at Green Light, work with more than 50 business and investment hubs in Canada. We are entrepreneurs ourselves!

Over the two decades, we have helped our clients open and manage more than 2000 businesses, invested in a few such businesses and even became partners in some of them.

We are a licensed Canadian immigration law firm. We know how to guide you to become a permanent resident in Canada based on your Canadian business. We manage business immigration cases for our clients and walk them all the way throughout the process.

We have been in the immigration business since 2001 under the same name and at the same location. Our current staff is about 55 immigration and employment case managers and consultants.

Considering opening a business in Canada? Let us help you learn about the Canadian market and the need of the hour in our country.


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